The Life of Lies

The Life of Lies

The life of lies

                Is always our business.

Democracy depends on us.

                Tyranny depends on lies.

The goons tie us up

                And rob us of our rights.

The right to protest.

                The right to speak truth.

Without the truth

                There is no justice.

Without truth

                There is no life.

Tyrants cannot stand

                The power of truth,

Waging war against it.

                Goons are the traitors who keep us in chains.

Opher – 27.11.2022

I was watching the news yesterday. It was the same as every other day. Protests in the streets that were declared illegal. People smacked on the head with wooden batons. A man face down, trussed with his hands behind his back tied to his feet. A bunch of helmeted government goons in riot gear beating the shit out of protesters.

These goons are the traitors. They are defending the regimes of evil tyrants, turning against their own people.


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