I can No Longer Sing

I can No Longer Sing

I can no longer sing.

                The clouds fill my dreams

                                With wet clammy fingers.

I can no longer play.

                The darkness fills my days

                                With inky swirling pools.

I can no longer vote.

                The deceit poisons my wells

                                With tendrils of greed.

In these clammy, dark days

                We have to hang on to our dreams

                                Before the deceit of others

                                                Poisons our life-giving wells.

Opher – 27.11.2022

There are days when you look at the world around you and despair. The political landscape is populated with fascist, populists who are busy drumming up hate and division while shunting shedloads of cash into off-shore accounts.

The people see moronic and despite all the obvious, blatant self-serving behaviour continue to support these conmen and conwomen.

You lose your faith in human beings.

Trump, Johnson, Oban, Bolsonaro, Modi, Netanyahu, Meloni, Farage, Erdogan, Putin, Xi and a host of others. Why do we humans become attracted to these  blatant narcissists and psychopaths, intent on grasping power and robbing us?

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