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Opher's World

1995 – 2022

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Issue 2022-102

Published Saturday 29 October 2022

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Opher Goodwin — On Track: Captain Beefheart




Orpher Goodwin - On Track: Captain Beefheart


Martin Burns

The quote on page 46 from Orpher Goodwin’sOn Track: Captain Beefheartof the trackWhen Big Joan Sets Up, encapsulates what makes Beefheart special, and at the same time why he remains a niche artist.

“… a great melody that carries it through. It’s meaningless but full of insight, so frenzied that it shouldn’t work, yet it does. It hangs together. That’s what is so great about Beefheart’s music – it pulls you in; the music is complex; the lyrics seem full of meaning, but everything is just beyond one’s grasp. You find yourself hooked. It propels you. It’s visceral. It tugs at the cortex. Rewarding.”

This applies across all…

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