Nothing Doesn’t Exist

Nothing Doesn’t Exist

Nothing doesn’t exist.

                Everything is full of something.

Rays and beams,

                Atoms and dreams,

Busy rushing somewhere.

Out of nowhere,

                Exploding instantly,


Filling everything

                With the wonder

                                Of whatever.


                Making its presence felt

In some way.

Jigging and cavorting

                With great sway

                                Within this cosmic dance.

Opher – 24.11.2022

I often sit and wonder about daft things like reality, infinity, beginnings and ends.

I like to experience awe and wonder.

It somehow triggers a sense of wonder to realise that even in the deepest vacuum of space there is no such thing as emptiness. That vacuum is chock full of light, radiation and probably a lot of energies that we don’t even know about. Space is full.

Ever since the instant of the Big Bang the universe is full. There is not an empty inch.


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