A Cold Northerly Wind

A Cold Northerly Wind

There’s a cold northerly wind

                Spreading the spores of decay.

Conceived in the womb of despair.

Its cause is born of misery

                Riven from the nascent flames

                                Of inequality and greed.

There is no cure.

                For this tempest of pestilence

Has already invaded the soul

                Of all it has touched

                                Consuming the spirit from within.

Consumed by syphilitic madness,

                Rotting the will,

                                Sapping the humours,

From the spring of life.

The vacuous corpses

                Wander aimlessly

                                Through the ruins,

Dreaming of phoney nirvana.

Opher 24.11.2022

Humanity has lost its way (if it ever had a way).

Consumed by greed they are busy chasing trinkets, destroying nature and poisoning their own nests.

Consumed by power they destroy, plot and connive until we are destroyed in terror and agony.

We have created such vast inequality that it poisons the air we breathe.

Our cultures are either self-created claustrophobic religious tyrannies or vacuous trivia.

In the midst of the ruins we have created for ourselves mindless fools seek fulfilment in fake religions or purchasing power.

We are lost in madness, led by psychopaths and deluded morons, heading nowhere.

A cold northerly wind has frozen our spirits.

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