£29 Million Pound Profit for Tory Peeress Mone! All dumped off-shore! Did they even pay taxes on it? All kept secret. Illegal VIP Lanes!

What were they thinking as they doled out these massive multimillion-pound contracts? How can anyone walk away with £29 million pounds for doing nothing?

How many billions did this corrupt government give out, without any due diligence, through those illegal VIP lanes to their Tory chums?

Secrecy, cover-up and corruption on a massive scale!! Talk about sleaze! This is mega-sleaze!! This isn’t even incompetence! They knew exactly what they were doing. They’ve been giving billions of our money to Tory supporters!

When a nurse earns just £26,000 a year and has to resort to food banks so as not to starve, how can it be fair that friends of the Tories can simply walk away with millions for doing absolutely nothing!!

They tried hard to keep it secret and cover it all up. Did all the hundreds of recipients of these multimillion-pound contracts even pay taxes on their ill-gotten hand-outs?

It appears that these millions were simply placed off-shore in tax havens.

Now, we, the ordinary people, are picking up the bill. We have suppressed wages, increased taxes and higher bills. They tell us they don’t have the money to pay a nurse or a teacher a living wage! Yet they weren’t saying that to the people they were handing millions to were they?

Has any government ever been more sleazy and corrupt?


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