Roy Harper: Every Album, Every Song (On Track) Paperback – 5* Good Read Reviews – Thank You!!

Thanks for all the great reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Gives me a boost!!

Opher's World

‘Absolutely nailed it. A wonderful commentary on the life and music of Roy Harper.’

‘it was amazing’

‘It has been over fifty years since I was first introduced to Roy Harper’s recordings. A 60’s folk/rock artist whose stance on the counter culture, philosophy, politics, religion, society and the environment have long been locked into my own. O.K., Roy is a Manchester City supporter, but nobody is completely perfect.
I was first made aware of this author’s 2021 publication via the internet, and responded to his appeal for photographs to be used in his book. I purchased ‘Roy Harper: Every Album, Every Song’ without knowing that Mr Goodwin had included my photo. The fact that he did, has absolutely nothing to do with my five star rating.
Any Roy Harper aficionado or ‘newbie’ fan will discover everything they need to learn about the man and his decades-long recording career. Opher Goodwin…

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