Taxes and Cuts

Taxes and Cuts

Yipeee!! Taxes going up!

More cuts too!

Into the bone! Fat and muscle gone!

Twelve years of cuts and austerity.

Brexit wrecking the economy.

Because they got it horribly wrong!

Cuts, cuts and more cuts!

Who needs health and education anyway?

The wealthy have their private deals;

They’re giving nothing away.

Twelve years of giving to the rich,

Of taking from the poor.

After twelve years of arrogance

We’re broken to the core!

Taxes and cuts,

As sunny uplands fade away.

We keep voting them in.

Now we’ve got to pay!

Johnson and Gove,

Farage and Cameron;

Putting hay in the loft

Not singing a sad song!

Cuts! Cuts! Cuts!

It’s the Tory way.

Cuts! Cuts! Cuts!

As they stuff away their hay!

Opher 13.11.2022

They announce all these cuts as if they haven’t got any choice. They could take it from the windfall taxes on the oil and energy companies. They could plug the tax avoidance schemes. They could tax the banker’s and CEO’s multimillion bonuses and ridiculous salaries. They shouldn’t have squandered so many billions giving to their chums for useless PPE and T&T. They should try harder to get back the £40 billion they lost through bad accounting. They should not have allowed Truss to add £30 billion debt to the country.

No. They choose to cut public services and put up taxes for those already struggling with the cost of living crisis they created.

Why is it that there is never proper scrutiny of all these multibillion pound crimes?

Why is it that nobody is ever held accountable?


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