Hypocritical Remembrance

Hypocritical Remembrance

Remembrance of all those who died;

Who were blown to pieces,

Gassed and broken.

With bugle calls, marching,

Flags and fine words spoken.

But in among the pageantry,

Of all things military,

Lurks a dismal hypocrisy.

Those making the biggest roar

Are the very ones urging war.

The patriotic nationalists

With their ramrod backs,

Shoes so polished, uniforms in packs,

Reciting words of jingoistic hacks.

As the red and white poppies

Engulf a nation,

It feels less of a remembrance

And more a celebration.

Opher 11.11.2022

I am nearly always uneasy with Remembrance Day. I don’t like the military uniforms. I don’t like the insincerity of so much of it.

The war to end all wars failed. We have not had a single year since in which there hasn’t been a war somewhere.

Wouldn’t it be great if we really remembered the horrors of war and all took a vow to never let it happen again? If all the nations in the world signed up to ostracise any country that resorted to war? If everyone agreed to apply sanctions to any aggressor?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we really remembered and agreed to put an end to this barbaric, destructive, uncivilised behaviour?

I don’t like this military pageant. It feels laden with hypocrisy. Yet I think it is important that we don’t forget how abysmal war really is and don’t forget its poor victims (the living and the dead, the paralysed and traumatised

6 thoughts on “Hypocritical Remembrance

  1. I think it is important to remember the victims of war both military and civilians. I understand your points though. It should be a time of reflection that we must do better to avoid war. I do not think that is the way it is though. I appreciate the ultimate sacrifice that usually just kids who went to war made. It annoys me that the political classes just use it as a P.R. event. To show how patriotic they are then come Monday continue to make decisions that negatively affect a large proportion of their society.

    1. Thoroughly agree. The way the establishment run stinks of hypocrisy to me. We have to remember the victims without making it into a P.R. exercise. Difficult.

  2. Opher, I was playing the tuba with my band at Remembrance yesterday. I do appreciate very much what you say here; but the problem is with the system, not with the people. As long as there are nation-states that can order people to fight, there will be wars. More radical change is needed than you seem to think.

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