The US Midterms have never been more important.

The image of a lying Trump hangs over proceedings.

The GOP has been taken over by psychotic Trumpists who believe in authoritarian control, lies and control in the mode of Putin.

Gun laws, abortion and misogyny are all in the mix.

Trump deliberately created division and hate to milk to his own advantage. He peddles lies, conspiracy and racism because fear and hate works for him. The world will struggle with this overthrow of democracy.

What is wrong with America? Has it always flirted with fascism like this?

2 thoughts on “The US Midterms have never been more important.

    1. Yes John. It sort of sets a tone for the whole world. We’re spiralling into madness. Fear and hate are causing division. The populists are exploiting it. Feels like the world’s on a kife’s edge.

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