The Guardian provides a very reasoned view of the importance of the midterm elections. The future looks grim whatever happens.

The USA appears to be divided into two camps. The divisions run deep and are fuelled by hate and fear. They sum up the way populist policies have altered the political landscape.

On one side we have a faction spouting freedom but really are looking to take freedom away from others, if that freedom doesn’t conform to their view of how it should be. Fundamentally they are after God, white America, Nationalism and the right to bear arms. The fanatical evangelical religious side is as extreme as the Taliban. They promote an Old Testament view that appears to me to be extreme, misogynistic and completely nuts. They question science, refute evolution and want to take away women’s rights to abortion and contraception. Smacks to me of the Dark Ages.

Under the rather ridiculous guise of Make America Great Again they have taken on a leader who is a blatant womanising conman of a populist. nature. He perennially lies, spreads conspiracy, undermines experts and scientists and spouts rubbish. He encourages violence, promotes racism, drums up hatred against immigrants and minority groups, cosies up to extreme right-wing groups, cosies up to despots and tyrants – like Putin and Kim Jung-Un – and has been systematically shovelling cash into his own coffers.

Trump has no regard for democracy. He is already putting in place undemocratic mechanisms to ensure that he can become elected even if he loses the vote.

Trump has cynically used disparate factions such as white supremacist groups, the NRA, QAnon and evangelical Christians to create a weird alliance. The sort of madness that gave rise to obnoxious semi-religious, quasi-political organisations such as the Ku Klux Klan. By promising to give them what they want he has gained their support even though they know that he is cynically using them and is a complete hypocrite.

For some unfathomable reason, a great number of Americans cannot see that he is deliberately sowing seeds of discontent, making promises and using conspiracy and fake news in order to gain power and become even richer.

Only in America could millions of people believe the Earth is flat, is only 6-10,000 years old, that the Democrats drink babies’ blood and hold satanic rituals and that the Democratic Party is run by alien lizards. Only in America!

These people feel they have some god-given right to own and parade around the streets with semi-automatic assault rifles – despite the number of mass killings, murders and gang wars.

It’s OK to kill but it’s not OK to use contraception or have an abortion.

They see nothing wrong in imposing these views on others – despite their claim to want freedom.

This extreme populist doctrine has taken over what was the Republican Party. It is authoritarian, totalitarian and verges on fascism, yet the fanatical, gun-totin’ populists believe that their version of nationalism and religion is what America is all about.

On the other side we have a Party that seems more rooted in the 21st century, which respects democracy, respects women’s rights, is inclusive, doesn’t associate itself with fake news, QAnon, fascism and conspiracy theories. Doesn’t deny science and experts and so recognises the need to address issues like climate change and biodiversity. Sees things in a wider context than just cash and profit. Has sensible attitudes towards gun control and immigration. Sees everything as being far more nuanced and complex than simple black-and-white solutions. But has no charismatic leader and is currently led by an old decrepit man.

Good luck to all Americans with your choice. In my opinion, if you vote for the fascists America will be going down the tubes quickly followed by the rest of us!

I hope you look at the bigger picture, beyond the personalities, and vote for intelligence and sense over stupidity and conspiracy – but I don’t hold out a lot of hope. Any country that gives a sociopathic narcissist like Trump any support at all has a serious systemic problem.

The rest of the world looks at America with its jaw hanging open.

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