Defining Intelligence

Defining Intelligence

Billions spent

                Searching for intelligence

In outer space.

                Here it is,

                                Right in front of our face.

In whale

                And chimp


                                                And fly

We find

                The rules

                                Of intelligence


In our arrogance

                We pretend

                                They are less

Than they are.


                To accept


Is on a par.

Intelligence is as common as prostitution.

A product of all evolution.

Opher 4.11.2022

We define intelligence by our own rules. In subjects that can be taught in schools. Yet the fly easily evades the hand and any whale is as brainy as a man.

Intelligence has many forms. Who doubts the wisdom of a tree? Who would judge it against you or me?

Who can say with honesty that another lifeform doesn’t think or be?

We try to place ourselves apart, ascribe us souls and eternal life. Asserting that we are superior with god-given attributes.

Yet we all crawled out of that same primordial soup. Souls and afterlives are merely inventions that we bandy about to make ourselves feel special.

We’re all made of the same cells.

We are not special.

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