So here we are talking about cuts and tax rises to the tune of £40 billion when these Tories have Splaffed three times that amount up the wall!!

Tax rises and public service cuts really hurt ordinary people!! They are trying to tell us that it’s due to global events out of our control but it isn’t! It’s due to Brexit and a mismanagement of Covid. They’ve wasted billions – giving it away to their chums, wasting it!! Then there’s Brexit which has broken the economy, put prices up substantially and has cost us an arm and leg – now they’re going for the kidneys!! Brexit has already cost us a £100 billion!! So much for those lies about Brexit dividends, imaginary trade deals and sunny uplands. Where’s the accountability?? Why aren’t these robbers and thieves locked up?? Why is yet another of those lying Brexiteers, who have so damaged this country, now the PM – to feather his nest even more?

When are we going to get some sense back and get ourselves back in the SINGLE MARKET????

The cost of voting Tory is destroying this country!! These aren’t really Tories at all – they’re a bunch of populist profiteers who have kicked the true Tories out! (And the true Tories were bad enough!!)

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