The Tory Mantra

The Tory Mantra

We are working day and night,

                Straining every sinew.

We are pouring in the billions

                Nothing less will do.

We’re learning all the lessons.

                We’re all very sorry.

We got all the big calls right!

                It’s great to be a Tory!

We know we’ve made a few mistakes

                But Labour would be far worse.

The problems are all global

                That is the real curse.

We’re deploying every cliché

                Slogans are our forte

We’re not hiding in fridges

                That would be so naughty.

Of scrutiny and responsibility

                We’re not very keen.

All our Russian donors

                Could turn very mean.

So if you want a peerage,

                And you’ve got the cash.

An audience with Boris

                Will free you of your stash.

We’re working day and night,

                Learning all our lessons,

Writing up our memoirs

                To make millions from confessions.

Opher 3.11.2022

It’s about the cash and power silly! Always was! Johnson is the arch conman. Loveable Boris a construction to gain power and wealth, He’s been extracting cash from our pockets – putting hay in the loft. The real Johnson is a hedonistic, selfish liar who, while being lazy, is utterly cunning.

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