The Higher I go

The Higher I go

The higher I go

            The more crooked it becomes.

Poor men fiddle taxes but Presidents scam billions

            Plucking them like plums.

There’s more than enough

            But some are never satisfied.

Gathering yachts, penthouses cars and jewels;

            Their greed cannot be denied.

The poor just get poorer

            But their misery counts for nowt.

They’ll watch the babies die, work people to death

            Without an ounce of doubt.

It’s all about the cash,

            Always was and will be.

They are so arrogant and entitled they think they deserve it

            Flaunt it for the world to see.

Opher – 21.10.2022

The world is run by crooks for profit. Politicians are puppets in the game. Empathy and compassion are merely words.

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