I Don’t Believe

I Don’t Believe

I don’t believe in humans –

                A crazed bunch of chimps

Creating war and poverty

                In a world of spivs and pimps.

I don’t believe in magic.

                I don’t believe in God.

I don’t believe in reality.

                Everything is odd!

I don’t think there’s a purpose

                Any revelation to find.

But living in infinity

                Really blows the mind.

I don’t believe in Angels,

                Heaven or Paradise,

Even though believing

                Would be very nice.

I do believe in nature

                Evolution and mutation.

I don’t believe in religions

                Or the theory of creation.

I think all us humans

                Are as gullible as hell.

If we dumped superstition

                We could do very well.

I do believe pollution

                Is poisoning the Earth.

I believe in overpopulation –

                Far too many births.      

I don’t believe in politics

                It’s all a crazy game.

I think they’re all lying

                It’s such a dirty shame.

I don’t believe in fascism

                Or dictatorial control.

I think Trump’s a conman

                Digging us a big hole.

I don’t in communism –

                Creating another elite.

I do think that Putin

                Is heading for defeat.

I don’t believe in Tories

                With their fabled trickle down –

A bunch of millionaires

                Who own half the town.

I don’t believe in history

                Or anything that’s gone.

They falsify the story.

                As bad as QAnon.

I believe the crazy apes

                Are busy creating war;

Chopping down the forests;

                Stealing from the poor.

Paradoxically the apes

                Make great music and art

Appreciate great beauty –

                Matters of the heart.    

They are capable of care

                Love and compassion;

Of empathy and justice,

                Feelings and passion.

I don’t believe in cool

                Or the art of being hip.

Just another fashion

                Complete with a quip.

I do believe the mad monkeys

                Will turn everything to profit,

While always saying one thing

                Then doing the opposite.

I do believe society

                Is hanging by a thread.

A lack of belief

                Could leave us all stone dead!

Opher – 16.10.2022

A mutation created a mad bunch of crazed chimpanzees.

We’re all obsessed with a greed for more.

We’ve created poems, Gods and war.

Power is more important than fairness.

All our religions and political systems have been perverted to create power systems, elites and dominance.

There’s more than enough to go around but the ones at the top are never satisfied.

They’ll wage war (using us) and destroy the planet just to have more than they can possibly need in a million lifetimes.

Human beings are insane! We value slave owners, robber barons and murderers over artists, poets and dancers.

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