It’s been a strange and busy day.

I’ve been writing my latest Sci-fi novel. I’m 23,000 words in and about a third of the way. Sometimes it flows and sometimes I have to work at it. I’ve got some thinking to do about the plot details. We’ll see how that pans out.

I went for a walk up my hill. There was a cold northerly wind and light cloud. I even got rained on. It was nice when the sun came out though. It still has some warmth.

On the way up my hill I passed a guy with two kids walking a dog and a pet sheep. It was very friendly. You don’t see that every day.

It was a strange walk. I did not see any living things. Even the pigeons, seagulls and crows seem to be hiding. The season has suddenly changed. I think they’ve decided to migrate.

I picked an apple off my wild apple tree. Delicious.

I was reflecting on this summer. It seems to have gone so fast. A brilliant year for fruit but a very poor year for butterflies. I couldn’t find any caterpillars on the nettles or ragwort. The year before there were lots. Perhaps it’s the drought that’s done for them?

In between writing I’ve been playing some Captain Beefheart. Such an amazing band.

I put out some Magic Band photos on Drumbo’s Magic Band site. It was fun checking out the photos of various Magic Band gigs. I had a read of the reviews. Some great ones. That gave me a boost.

The day has melted away!

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