Build Them Up

Build Them Up

Build them up

                Knock them down

Village, city

                House and town

Human beings

                Primitive apes

Psychotic minds

                No escapes

Huge expense

                Complete waste

Madness reigns

                Dangers faced

Shells fired

                Bombs dropped

Bullets fly

                Insults swapped

Lies spoken

                Power struggle

Lives lost

                Families broken

Build them up

                Knock them down

Village, city

                House and town

Opher 22.2.2022

There is a major flaw in human nature. We are forever at war. We always think it’s the easy solution. We have to assert ourselves violently.

We elect belligerent leaders.

We like inflicting pain.

We think violence is alright.

Periodically we destroy each other and ourselves.

Just think what a world we could build if all the money spent on this endless war machine was spent on education and eradicating poverty. Just think.

This is madness.

There is no excuse.

This is really madness.

We build things up and we destroy them.

We terrify each other and traumatise generations.

There can be no excuse.

It is madness.

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