Psychotic narcissists,

                Plausible Sociopaths,

Conmen too.

Mad profiteers,

                Planning their careers

Haven’t got a clue.

We elect them,

                Select them,

Fooled through and through.

Propaganda and lies,

                Media bias,

Deception grew and grew.

Psychotic narcissists,

                Plausible Sociopaths,

Conmen too.

Opher – 14.2.22022

These politicians are all too often not public servants. They are power-seeking careerists.

What we want from politicians are people who will work hard to do what is best for the people they represent.

What we get are people who scheme and lust for power and who are preoccupied with feathering their own nest at our expense.

They lie, cheat and spin in order to deceive us.

For them politics is a revolving door into status and wealth.

Politics attract narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths because they either do not care who they hurt or they gain pleasure from hurting people. They do not agonise over policies that plunge millions into extreme hardship or death. To them it’s a game.

Add to that the tribal nature of the system and the media bias and propaganda and you have a toxic system.

Time for a big overhaul!!

Politicians are public servants! They should be held to account for their actions. If they break the law they should be in court. Politics should be crystal clear, thoroughly scrutinised and the people involved subject to draconian punishments for breaking laws and codes.

How have we ended up with the most criminal of gangs in charge of the country? Lawbreaking and lying are second nature to them.

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