The Eclipse of Reason

The Eclipse of Reason

Drinking babies’ blood at the Capitol

In a Democrat paedophile ring.

Trafficking kids through pizza parlour

Won’t stop for anything!

They’re headed up by alien lizards

Who feed on baby flesh.

Order it up from the pizza place

Like we order through Hello Fresh!

George Soros is the puppet master

And Clinton’s the witch.

Trump is our only saviour

He’s gonna crucify the bitch!

There’s a big storm coming

In the war of good and bad.

Wanna make us consumer zombies

We’re fighting back! We’re mad!

They say we’re all idiots

Storming the Capitol was treason!

We say the world is flat!

This is the eclipse of reason!!

Opher – 15.2.2022

QAnon now obsesses 15% of republicans! Can you believe that??

We are being thrown back into the Dark Ages by insane conspiracy theories. Superstition mixed with ignorance and stupidity rules.

Millions of Americans really do believe that the earth is flat, that the UN is bad, that we never landed on the moon, and that the earth is only three thousand years old and Trump will solve it all!


We live in a world that is increasingly putting the power and wealth into the hands of a tiny elite of multibillionaires.

These billionaires only care about themselves, their wealth, their power and their profits. They are causing mass poverty and global destruction.

They are controlling us!

It appears that the answer to this problem, the ordinary people think, is to believe in alien lizards and baby eating cabals and elect one of the billionaire elite into power.

It is truly the eclipse of all reason. People have gone mad. They’d rather believe in conspiracy and elect an orange conman lizard!!

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