Bob Dylan – back cover blurb – what do you think?

I have just completed the rewrite of my Bob Dylan On Track book and am tempted to send it off to the publishers. I think it has come out really good. My head tells me to sit on it a little longer and give it another edit. I’m resisting the temptation.

I’ve been working on the back cover blurb this morning. What do you think??

Bob Dylan blurb

Bob was the catalyst that sparked a revolution, the magician who sprinkled poetic fairy-dust on to rock ‘n’ roll to transform ‘She Loves You’ into ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’, the fulcrum around which rock music turned.

He headed for the sixties as a Little Richard rock ‘n’ roller, morphed into an acoustic folkie, absorbed Woody Guthrie, Robert Johnson and Brecht to become a vagabond social troubadour, basked in Rimbaud to become a poetic symbolist, immersed himself in lysergic beat surrealism to become a strung-out polka-dotted rock star, crashed, and left the sixties as a clean-cut country crooner. He mutated more times than a trilobite.

This diminutive poet/singer, vacillating between impostor syndrome and arrogance, claimed he was merely a ‘song and dance man’ but single-handedly took popular music from being an intellectually bereft teenage rebellion into a serious adult art form worthy of academic study.

This amazing story can be traced through the eleven albums and handful of singles he released between 1962 and 1970 – ground-breaking music that changed the world.

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