Section from the Bob Dylan book I’m working on

   Using a slew of historical and biblical characters deployed in a lysergic-tinged dream sequence of bizarre scenes Bob makes scathing attacks on the establishment, the abuse of power and the hypocrisy of organised religion. He has the vicious murderer Jack the Ripper in charge of the Chamber of Commerce. He has the prophet John the Baptist torturing a thief, sickened by what he has done and reporting to his commander in chief (God? Jesus?) who replies ‘death to all those who would whimper and die’. He has those in authority sending out soldiers to die, making insincere gestures of sorrow at their deaths and locking up any leaders who might threaten his position. The soldiers are burning villages and the TV preachers are craving fame. Ma Rainey and Beethoven were musical geniuses who have been superseded by meaningless mainstream pap. Society is portrayed as a mess of power, greed and abuse. The gangsters are running the show. Patriotism, war, capitalism and religion are tools they deploy.

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