53 and imploding – the foreword

Here I am at 73 years of age!

Opher's World

53 and imploding

This was the third in my experimental fragmentary autobiographical novels. It was primarily concerned with death. I had reached an amazing fifty three years of age and was aware that time appeared to be flying past ever faster. I was concerned that I might not be able to fit it all in. I had been forced to give up playing football and was aware of aches, pains and unfitness.

When I approached 60 I took up a fitness campaign, lost forty pounds and now I am definitely going to live for ever.

Here is an extract. I hope you like it:

53 and Imploding


OPHER Goodwin


I am 53 years old. That astonishes me. I am growing old. Already my body aches and shows a strange inability to co-ordinate itself and a lack of suppleness that makes me almost doddery. I am overweight and unfit…

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