Viruses Don’t Care

Viruses Don’t Care

Viruses don’t care

About you or me, or anybody.

They are merely breeding machines.

They don’t really want to kill us.

We are their hosts,

Their meals.

They want us there to feed off,

To breed in.

But viruses don’t care.

A billion dead is nothing.

There are billions more hosts.

Viruses don’t care.

They just want us to spread them round

So they can breed.

One track minds.

Viruses love Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro,

But they hate Jacinda Ardern

And vaccines.

Viruses just want to have fun

In your cells,

Take over your DNA

And breed like crazy.

That’s why there are trillions more of them

Than us.

Viruses don’t care.

Opher 22.11.2021

I often wonder if viruses and bacteria are conscious. We always arrogantly think that we have a monopoly on consciousness and intelligence.

Viruses may live at a different speed to us. A day for them is the equivalent of a millennium for them.

Perhaps they plan, scheme and develop tactics.

They certainly seem more intelligent than most of us.

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