The Land of Misinformation

The Land of Misinformation

In the land of misinformation

                The populist holds sway,

Pumping out his mischief

                Each and every day.

Sowing the seeds of discord,

                Dispensing fake news,

Seeking to undermine

                To confound and confuse.

In the land of misinformation

                Nobody knows what to believe.

The propaganda machine

                Is designed to deceive.

Undermining the scientists,

                Treating the experts as fools,

Using lies and promises

                And breaking all the rules.

In the land of misinformation

                The people are easily fooled.

They do as they are directed

                By the hand that is bejewelled.

Under the spell of spin doctors,

                Manipulated and confused,

The media tells us what to believe

Offers that can’t be refused!

Opher 6.8.2021

As the Express, Mail and Sun dictate the political climate, the people are easily manipulated.

Trump-lite has them in a trance, hypnotised by lies.

He’s such a jolly chappie; he couldn’t possibly be a conniving, evil twat – could he?

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