We are in such a mess and they really don’t give a shit! All they care about is power.

Johnson is demob happy and pratting about on jollies.

Sunak and Truss are fighting with each other over power and paying lip service to the looming catastrophe..

Meanwhile, we are all up shit-creek without a paddle.

Energy, food, petrol and rent is all escalating out of control and nobody is really dealing with it.

Where are the solutions?

Does anybody care?

The country is in an absolute mess and the Tories don’t give a fuck about ordinary people. The oil and power companies are making a killing. Bonuses are through the roof. Rich shareholders are raking it in. As far as Tories are concerned it’s all hunky dory. Until people stop voting for these greedy elitists it will continue.

We starve and freeze while the fat cats stuff millions in the Cayman Islands tax-free.

We are the gullible fools. The propaganda works.

Britain is entering a profound social emergency. Why is nobody acting like it? | John Harris | The Guardian

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