The Savagery

The Savagery

The savagery man is capable of

When he believes his cause to be just.

There is no end to his barbarity

When devoured by this lust.

His arrogance breeds belligerence

That leads all the way to war.

His intolerance destroys empathy

To shake morality to the core.

All it takes is outrage,

Religious fanaticism or political zeal.

A charismatic leader’s inspiration

Sparking the reason to kill.

Placing nails inside a bomb.

Slicing off heads with a knife.

Massacring the innocent.

Rewarded with paradise or a child wife.

All in the name of someone’s god

Or a fanatical leader.

Become a torturer

Or propaganda breeder.

It does not take much

To release the savage hate.

A traumatic death

Or promise of a better fate.

Opher – 18.5.2021

I was watching the hatred being stirred up in the Middle East as the Israelis and Palestinians clash.

The rockets soar and the guns crash.

The martyred are used to enrage.

Years and years of humiliations, degradation and abuse.

The evil scum of Hamas harvest that hate and hone it into a weapon. The fanatical Jews treat the Palestinians as sub-humans and seek to kick them out.

Illegal settlements, rocks, knifings and bombs.

What a senseless world we create for ourselves. Rationality goes out the window.

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