Skeleton tree, acid lakes,

                Small changes,

                                Complex systems,

                                                Drastic effects.

Lungs of the earth,

                Trees and plankton,

                                All else

                                                Is dependant.

Fossil ice to raging torrents,

                Bare soil to naked rock,

                                Abundant life to barren dessert,

                                                It’s for real.

Flooded cities, drying land,

                Burning houses, plumes of smoke

                                Walls of fire.

                                                It’s real.

People stricken

                Animals stricken

                                Forests stricken

                                                Climate change.

Opher -22.4.2021

The ecosystem has taken billions of years to settle into this spectacular balance.

That balance is one of life, climate and weather woven into a stable rhythm.

That rhythm is being unsettled by our actions.

As we trawl the seas, cut down the forests and pour our waste into the air, the water and on to the land, we disturb that balance.

Change comes.

The delicate system is disturbed.

It is that system that gives us life.

There are consequences.

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