Poor Boris – Please leave him in power!!

I understand a group of cabinet ministers is in Number 10 to tell the Prime Minister that his time is up. Please don’t! Leave the incompetent fool be! Let him stay in office for a year or two!

He is a blithering idiot – yes.

He is an incompetent fool – yes.

He is a lying sleazebag – yes.

He is a corrupt chancer – yes.

He is an overprivileged elite Bullingdon boy – yes.

He’s a lazy ratbag – yes.

But the whole Tory Party knew all that when they backed him. Most of them are as self-serving as he is. All they cared about was power and wealth.

I want him to stay in power for another year at least and sink the whole lying, cheating, greedy, scheming bunch of obnoxious, arrogant, snobby little twerps forever!!

The Tory Party represent the top 5% at most. They’ve destroyed the country for the sake of the millionaires, billionaires and their own greed. It’s time people woke up to what this greedy bunch are all about.

They all need kicking out forever. In a proper democracy they would not have a chance!

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