Visions From The Pits of Love and Despair – the introduction.


This is my 23rd book of poetry. As usual, it is a commentary on the world I see around me, the beauty of nature, the wonder of the universe and the greed and stupidity of mankind.

In a world beset by the avarice of a crazed elite, the power-lust of politicians and the belligerence of religious and political fanatics, it is increasingly hard to find harmony, peace and love; but it’s there.

This book has been written in the wake of Brexit and Trump, while the Covid pandemic is raging around the world and we are governed by a bunch of extreme nationalist imbeciles led by an over-privileged clown.

Sometimes I despair and completely lose my faith in humanity.

We live on a beautiful world, full of wonder and mystery, and we tear it to pieces, destroy and ravage and put a price on everything.

The greatest art is nature.

People can be kind and compassionate when not being blown to pieces with ordinance or mislead by power-mad fanatics.

People are the problem. There are too many of us and we are steered by blind ignorance, fanatical obsessions and a lust for wealth and power.

Sometimes I think there’s no hope.

We have untold wealth in nature and the wonders of an infinite universe. Yet we create religions to shackle us and follow psychopaths, sociopaths and greed-ridden madmen.

It is no wonder the world is full of war, mass migrations, torture, poverty and religious extremism and is now on the brink of environmental catastrophe with global warming, climate change and the decimation of biodiversity.

My response is to take photographs, listen to music, love, and write my novels and these little polemics. I suppose they are my safety valves.

Beware, you are holding the nuggets that keep me sane, handle them with care.

Opher 12.9.2021

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