Can Nepotism ever be right??

Surely life should be a meritocracy?? People should secure a position because they are the best person for that position – not because they happen to know someone?

Should we tolerate secret societies like the Masons giving contracts to members over those who would do the job cheaper and better?

Should we tolerate the government handing out multimillion-pound contracts to friends, colleagues and landlords without any tendering?

Should we tolerate the Prime Minister giving lucrative contracts and positions to friends, lovers and his wife?

But then the whole system of the Bullingdon Boy, Eton Old Boy’s network works on privilege – not merit. This government is riddled with people who bought their way in and feel entitled. Why do people simply accept it?

Beyond me!

Here’s to a level playing field, fairness and meritocracy. Here’s to the death of Tory nepotism, cronyism and privilege!!

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