Looking for words

Looking for words

I’m searching for words

                To explain my feelings.

I’m looking for words

                To describe the universe.

I’m hunting for words

                To express my thoughts.

All the words

                I find

                                Have been





                And worn out.

They are devalued,


                                Attached to trivia.

They no longer convey the pictures

The meanings

Or ideas.

I have no use for these old wasted words.

I’m inventing new words

That communicate exactly what I see and how I feel.

                Grib Tiffan!!

                                Dureng Proc!!

                                                Zukend Bluden!!

It is useless.

                Nobody can understand the way I feel.

Opher – 21.2.2021

The problem with communication is that we use symbols to convey the meaning of thoughts, emotions, events and feelings.

While a word can accurately convey the picture of a tangible object they fall short when it comes to communicating feelings and emotions.

Who can convey the feeling of awe when confronted with the majesty of an infinite system of galaxies, of the depth of love or horror.

Inside we are a cocktail of emotions, thoughts and feelings for which there are no words to adequately describe.

We cannot even understand ourselves.

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