A Part in a Game

A Part in a Game

I’m playing a part

In a game

                That has been devised

                                By distant strangers.

They refuse to tell me the rules.

                As I flounder

                                They mock

But I remain oblivious.

I am ambitious

                For another role

                                But it is beyond my grasp.

I want to break out

                Of this game

                                Into the unknown;

To invent a new game

                With my own rules.

But I am told

                There is no other game.

We are trapped

                Within the confines

                                Of this game.

It is a prison with invisible walls.

My every move

                Has been predicted.

They move each piece around.

                But I know a different game!

Opher – 21.2.2021

I do not believe there is a secret cabal that meets to control the world. Nothing that orchestrated. The world is too complex for that.

I do believe that the wealthy and powerful use their might to swing everything in their favour. They control the world.

I am born into a small role with very little chance of escape. My options are limited. All the cards are held by those with power. They engineer my position and offer me a meagre set of possibilities.

The inequality gap becomes ever greater.

We are assigned our part in the game and the rules are hidden from us. We lack the cards of birth and status. We are playing with a limited hand and without a rule book.

But I have another game inside my head that they are not privy to.

It is a more substantial game and only I know the rules.

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