Before We Knew Anything

Before We Knew Anything

Before we knew anything

                We thought

                                The sun and moon

                                                Were god.

Before we knew about stars

                We made


                                                Of everywhere

                                                                We trod.

There was no end

                To the tales

                                We thought up;

                                                The ideas

                                                                We invented.

With allegiance

                To fictions

                                Out of our minds

                                                That were

                                                                Quite demented.

We created ritual

                Thought up nations

                                Manufactured culture

                                                Had systems

                                                                That we


Now we are victims

                Of our own organisation

Slaves of a society

                Of our own creation.

Opher – 6.2.2021

Civilisation is a system based on myths that unite us and harness our energy.

Social cohesion is what has been behind our success. It enabled us to work together to achieve incredible feats.

We elevated men and women to kings and queens, emperors and bishops, imams and priests and gave them power.

We created religions, nations and culture – all fictions.

We practiced xenophobia, racism and misogyny and used it to justify genocide, invasion and slavery.

Now we are global.

It is time to do away with the frippery and become real.

One world – one people.

One planet.

Time to create a new story – a real one this time – one that can unite us all and enable even greater feats.

Time to shed the old out-dated narratives – we’ve outgrown them. The nations, religions and cultures need to be consigned to the past.

We need a global vision.

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