The World Spins

The World Spins

The world of fake news

                Runs on spin and lies

                                Conspiracy rules.

Dictated by media bias,

                Owned and run by

                                Wealthy fools.

Truth lost, QAnon spaghetti

                Spin-doctor stew and

                                Poitical gruel.

Opher 6.2.2021

People have lost faith in the media and whatever politicians say. They know that it is either spun out of all recognition or a pack of lies.

Whatever comes out of a politician’s mouth is political.

What we need is the truth.

People are turning to other sources of information and unscrupulous people are feeding in even worse lies.

We are a gullible mob. We are cynical too. We have learnt not to believe what is in the news but we are open to nonsense from unknown sources.

We are seduced by people who appear to be talking without spin. Hence we end up with liars like Trump, Farage and Bolsonaro and are lumbered with Brexit.

The populist crap plays on our fears and cynicism.

The Deep State, where alien Lizards run the world and join with the Democrats to eat babies, is believed by millions. They pour cash into the Trump coffers to drain the swamp.

The politicians’ lies and spin have brought us to this – the loss of all reason.

We’re spinning into the darkness of nonsense and superstition.

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