Sue Gray and PARTYGATE!! What does it take to make the liar resign??

How dishonourable can you be??

He claimed there were no parties!

He claimed all rules were followed!

He’s a liar.

Here’s what really happened:

‘Parties that went on until the early hours of the morning. Drunken staff vomiting and fighting with each other. Downing Street walls stained with red wine. And an illegal birthday party for Britain’s Prime Minister, complete with six-packs of beer and dozens of sandwiches.

That was the scene at the heart of Boris Johnson’s government while the rest of the United Kingdom was banned from seeing friends or relatives, according to a long-awaited probe into¬†lockdown-breaking parties in Whitehall and Downing Street.

You can always count on a Tory Press to try to excuse lawbreaking, lying and corruption from Tories. It’s all propaganda. Comparing Starmer’s behaviour with Johnson’s is chalk and cheese!

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