Feel The Shame America

Feel The Shame America

You’re still fighting the Civil War

Where the North is rich

And the South is poor.

Where the white thugs

Fly their Confederate flags

And lynched black men

Lie in body bags.

Armed militia prowl the street

Believe the earth is flat

Or you’ll feel their heat.

A mad concoction of

White supremacy

And the KKKs version

Of Christianity.

The madman tapped into that hate

Stirred it up with ‘Make America Great’.

Empowering the racist thugs

Offering walls

To uneducated mugs.

You let it happen –

You voted him in.

Sanctioning vile hatred

Is your greatest sin.

You toadied and

Kept quiet

As the fascism grew

When all the time

You really knew.

So where do we place the blame?

America, have you no shame?

Opher 9.1.2021

First he was the spoilt brat, then the property tycoon, then TV star and finally President.

He hasn’t changed. Always the spoilt brat with his tantrums. Always the racist misogynist. The fascist speculator. The narcissistic sociopath.

But you were taken in. You voted for him.

You excused his crass behaviour, his surliness and tantrums. You excused his cheating, his mafia connections, his tax evasion and criminal activity. You excused his rudeness and arrogance. You excused the way he empowered the hate-filled.

You condoned his behaviour.

He was straight-talking. He connected with the working man.

You sucked up to the fascist chief.

You let him take over the Republican Party and install his family and associates.

You condoned him insulting allies and sucking up to despots.

You condoned his nepotism, cronyism and bulling.

You let him have the country and stood by while he lied, spread conspiracy and divided the nation.

You backed him.

Feel the shame America. You installed a fascist. You condoned a fascist and you stood by a fascist.

Feel the shame.

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