Why The Beatles were the Best Band in the World – Pt 3

Opher's World

Phase three was probably their highest achievement. This is when their level of song writing, performance and innovation all came together.

It spanned four albums and a number of singles.

For a variety of reasons, such as they had got fed up with it, couldn’t hear themselves and didn’t think they could do justice to the music they were producing in the studio, they gave up live performance.

It gave them more time in the studio and the influence of Dylan and the burgeoning sixties counter-culture and arts movement started to come through. Nothing was off limits – electronic sounds, loops, backward tapes, strange instruments, music forms from Jazz, Indian, Folk and brass bands were fused together with classical instrumentation and a touch of avant garde. It all went in the mix.

There was the first glimmer of things to come on Rubber Soul with its production and songs such…

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