Current State of Play with my writing!

It’s always good to take stock of where I am regarding my writing.

The Roy Harper and Nick Harper books are still selling well.

The Rock Memoir (In Search Of Captain Beefheart) and Sci-fi novels are also selling.

Many other books are available.

I have a second Roy Harper book completed that I am planning to send to the publishers later this year.

The Captain Beefheart book is still with the publishers. It is currently being edited with a view to being released in July this year.

I have just completed a reread and update of the Sci-fi novel ‘The Pornography Wars’. I will be updating that book later today. The improved version is slightly longer. (Picasso once said that no work of art is ever finished – only abandoned). This will be relaunched shortly.

I have begun work on the sequel to ‘The Pornography Wars’ and have discussed that with my editor. That should fill a few hundred hours of work!

Oh – and I nearly forgot, I am assembling a poetry book of my recent antiwar poems inspired by the horrendous Ukraine/Russian war.

Writing is a disease. Once you have been bitten it eats into your blood, penetrates the brain and takes over your life.

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