Poetry – George Floyd Looks Down on Trump

George Floyd Looks Down on Trump

‘It’s such a great day!’

I didn’t hear him say.

Someone told him he had to change his tone.

He was turning people off.

His ratings were going through the floor.

Hiding in his bunker tweeting tough.

So he tried his very best

To appear sensitive and caring,

But he fell short.

Struggling to find words

To look as if he cared,

But he’d been caught.

‘It’s such a great day!’

I didn’t hear him say.

Opher – 5.6.2020

One thing is quite clear – Trump completely lacks empathy. He not only cannot understand what motivates black people; he detests them. In his book they are losers.

Instead of showing sympathy for the callous murder of George Floyd he merely said ‘It’s such a great day.’

Is it?

What did he mean by that?

A great day that George was murdered?


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