Shock Government Bribery Ploy revealed!!

I woke up this morning thinking things weren’t right. I had this muzzy feeling; an overpowering sense of loss. it felt as if part of me was missing.

Yesterday, when driving through Driffield, I had noticed a big new government warehouse had been erected on the outskirts and had wondered what it was. The roof and walls seemed to be constructed out of some seamless plastic the like of which I had never seen before. Thinking no more about it I put it out of my mind.

Unable to rid myself of the feeling that I had been robbed of something important I went to check the CCTV images. Sure enough, there in the mind of the night, while we soundly slept, two figures materialised in our bedroom. I could clearly see the same government symbol on their jumpsuits that I had recognised on the warehouse I had spied the day before. They made their way over to us, placed an instrument on our foreheads and pressed the button. I saw the clock jump.

I rushed out to the car and headed off into Driffield, parking a few blocks away so I would not be seen, I climbed the fence and stealthily made my way to the side of the warehouse in order to examine it more closely.

Dumbfounded, I watched as hundreds of government employees with large clipboards were busy taking an inventory. I realised what was happening. This was red-tape taken to its extreme. Like more other government employees these guys were counting the hours, except in this case, it was literal!!

I had stumbled upon a local government store of time!!

Quickly retreating to my car before I was discovered I sat trembling with shock. I had worked out what was going on! Last night the government had sent out their agents to steal an hour of everybody’s lives. They were storing those hours in warehouses all over the country! I could see their cunning plan! They were going to call a snap election and, just prior to the vote they would hand out those hours as a bribe to the electorate!!

Typical – and I bet they would not give a single second interest on all that time they had robbed from us!!

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