Ukraine – not going so well!!

With threats of nuclear war Putin descends into paranoid hell. It’s down to the Russian soldiers and public now. Are they going to continue to support this tyrant or will they find a moral backbone and turn. They deserve better!!

2 thoughts on “Ukraine – not going so well!!

  1. I’d like to be optimistic, but I’ve grave doubts any talks between Ukraine and Russia on the Belarus border will end the invasion of Ukraine especially not now the EU are agreeing to fast-track Ukraine’s application for accession to the EU, and NATO.

    It is very unlikely Putin will accept Ukraine’s membership of the EU. Should Ukraine succeed in their bid, NATO will likely respond with full force. That will be very dangerous: who knows how Putin will react?

    Meantime, whilst the suits talk, and sanctions nibble at key players, Putin allegedly descends into paranoia, Belarus agrees to reinstate Russian nuclear weapons on its land, and Russian forces up-the-ante and continue their murderous offensive. Suggestion is that several small cities have already fallen in Ukraine, severe fighting continues in the north around Kyiv and south around Mariupol, and dozens of people have been killed and hundreds more wounded in mass shelling in rocket strikes by Russian forces on the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. There is also expectation 30,000 additional troops will arrive in Ukraine from Belarus and head straight for Kyiv.

    This un-necessary war must somehow be brought to a peaceful end.


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