Poetry – A False Sense of Security

A False Sense of Security

Once we were safe and secure,

Like no generation before us,

Living in a false bubble of unreality,

Where nothing changed

And we could not be harmed.

But that bubble burst

On the spikes of a virus

And our comfort blanket was snatched away.

Pain and death are but a breath


We are standing on air.

Reality intruded.

For it was always thus.

It is merely that the risk is now clear.

Opher – 16.4.2020

We have lived through a golden age where Death was a stranger. We had our antibiotics, vaccinations and the plagues of the past were safely locked away in the cupboard.

That bubble was burst when the Covid virus started up the modern-day plague.

We haven’t had to suffer siblings and relatives succumbing to disease. We were safe from death.

Death was kept hidden from us. It happened in hospitals. It mainly affected the old or the unlucky.

Not so now.

Death comes stalking in a handshake and a sneeze.

The modern plague has reared its head. Life is once again precarious.

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