The report on Russian Interference in elections.

I wrote this two years ago!!

Opher's World

So the Russians have been interfering with elections. They have interfered with Brexit and the elections of Trump and Johnson.

But the British government have not bothered to find the extent of the interference. Nothing has been done about it.

Surely that has nothing to do with Russian donations to the Tory Party and Tory MPs?

That poses a lot of questions:

Do we have anything that even faintly resembles a democracy?

Why did the Russians want Brexit?

Why did the Russians want Trump and Johnson?

Why did Trump and Johnson want to cover the interference up?

Did the Russians secure Brexit?

Did the Russians land us with Trump and Johnson?

Why did they want Brexit, Trump and Johnson?

Why are Trump and Johnson not investigating?

Do I smell cover-up??

Why is there not a huge fuss about this in the media?

I think I know the answers to all…

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