Poetry – The Watershed

The Watershed

We’ve hit the watershed!

Nothing can be allowed to stay the same.

Nation pitted against nation in competition.

All that mattered was the profit – all short-term.

All about power and wealth.

But then the watershed.

What if we changed

And built a society based on caring and cooperation?

Where profit wasn’t the bottom line?

Where nature and love were the currency?

What then?

For now we all know

That it was the ones we treated poorly

Who we now value the most,

While the profiteers

Have nothing to offer.

After the watershed?

Opher – 13.4.2020

Is the virus going to prove to be a watershed? I so hope so! We desperately need it to be.

The world is being ruined by a greedy, selfish elite who have a stranglehold on wealth and power. That is a lock that requires breaking.

I would like to think that out of the other side of this crisis we can produce a more caring compassionate society. But I’m not holding my breath.

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