Poetry – Oh the Irony

Oh the Irony

Oh the irony.

A Prime Minister

Cared for by foreigners.

A Prime Minister

Whose immigration policy,

Whose hostile environment,

Whose extreme Brexit,

Drove so many carers away.

Who said we did not need these people.

Oh the irony.

But some stayed to save his life!

For a decade he starved the NHS.

For the last three years he told the EU to go.

For three years he’s been driving nurses away.

They were not wanted.

They were unskilled and

Not worthy of paying much.

Now they save his life.

The two who cared,

Nursed him for long hours,

Day and night,

Tending and caring,

At extreme risk to themselves and their families,

Came from New Zealand

And Portugal.

They risked their lives to save him.

They risk their lives each day

For pitiful pay.

Because the care.

Oh the irony.

Low paid and unwanted,

Abused and threatened,

Fearful and insecure,

They continued to give!

Now, perhaps,

There will have to be

A rethink!

We do need the low paid after all!

We do need cooperation!

The harsh policies and nationalistic jingoism

Are replaced with reality.

Though abused and driven out,

They gave their all!

It is time we recognised the irony

And got our principles right!

Opher – 13.4.2020

I bet those nurses, through all their protective gear, looked just like letterboxes.

Oh the irony!!!

But will Johnson learn the lessons, change his xenophobic posturing and set off down a new course?

I doubt it!!

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