Please sign to make the Covid Memorial Wall a Permanent Memorial.

Hello Chris – 

My husband Steve died of Covid-19 in October 2020. On March 29th 2021, I was one of the first people to paint a heart on the National Covid Memorial Wall, the UK’s only memorial to Covid-19 – a symbol of remembrance, support and love, as well as a heartbreaking reminder of the scale of loss suffered in the UK. 

We have painted over 178,000 hearts on the stretch of embankment which stands opposite Parliament, each representing a life lost to Covid 19. We will continue to add hearts and dedications to ensure that everyone who has died of Covid is remembered. Not only is it important to me that Steve’s heart never fades, but that every heart is preserved with love and care. 

The problem is, these hearts are fading fast. Every week a group called ‘Friends of the Wall’ meet to repaint the dedications, but we need a lot more help if we are going to ensure that no heart is allowed to fade. And that’s where you come in. Please will you help me ensure that the memory of my husband and all those who have died from the coronavirus will never fade, by calling on Boris Johnson to make the wall into a permanent memorial?Yes – sign now with a single clickWe need all the support we can get. It is no less than what our loved ones, and everyone for whom the wall is a source of comfort, deserves. 

On the 29th of March this year, to mark the anniversary of the creation of the wall, we will be handing in our petition to the Prime Minister, so we need as many of you as possible to sign this petition before then. Without his approval, there’s no guarantee that the wall will be allowed to remain where it is. 

Please join your voice to the calls for the National Covid Memorial Wall to be made permanent by signing our petition. Yes – I’ll sign with a single clickWhen a loved one dies, the whole world is eclipsed. The National Covid Memorial Wall can’t bring our loved one’s back, but it can shine a light on the love we hold for them, the loss their absence brings, and the importance of every life hidden behind the statistics. 

With your help, we can make sure that this wonderful wall, along with the memories of all we have lost, is protected forever. 

Thank you, 

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