Poetry – The Autumn of civilisation

The Autumn of civilisation

Falling like leaves from a tree.

Like soldiers in a battlefield.

Like twilight on the land.

Like corn in the harvest.

                Like Custer’s last stand.

There’s a new fad across the nation

                                                It’s the autumn of civilisation!

Opher – 20.3.2020

This is a strange period to be living through. Empty streets, shut down shops and everything closed. Yet nature is bouncing back. We are receiving glimpses of what the world could be like it we stopped churning out the pollution.

It is as if the pandemic has wiped us out. Life goes on. The world is refreshed.

It is the autumn of human beings – the autumn of this mess we call civilisation.

Can we find a new way of living that is less destructive? Less intrusive? Less violent? Or are we going to find those empty streets are a premonition of the future?

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