Poetry – Eyes Down for a Full House of Bastards!!

Eyes Down for a Full House of Bastards!!

Housey Housey!!

They’re doing a line in the bogs!

Number ten – Johnson’s den where they’re planning again.

Twenty five – he’s going to duck and dive! Anything to stay alive!

Forty four – Old Droopy Drawer, shambling wreck’s heading for the door!

Number thirty – dirty Gertie’s getting shirty. Fascist weekly, fighting dirty.

Forty six – He’s up to his tricks! Lying like Trump on Weetabix!

Sixty two – not so tickety boo as they turn the screw.

Sixty four – he’ll be red raw by the time they kick him out the door!

Seventy three – the queen bee – poor old Carrie – soon to be history.

Thirteen – unlucky for some! All those lies to roost have come!!

Number five – man alive waiting for the hearse to arrive!

Eighty five – he’s staying alive, from a million cuts beginning to writhe.

Fifty eight – he’ll make them wait! But those letters will seal his fate.

Seventy one – bang on the drum – he’s had his fun!

Twenty one – key to the door! Sick to the core! They’ll dump the old boar.

Thirty one – Better get up and run! Johnson – you’re done!!

Bingo!! Bingo!! Bingo!! The useless lying bastard had to go!!

Opher – 8.2.2022

As Johnson tries desperately to hang on, threatening his minions with an election defeat, sending his ministers out to lie, reading the Trump rule book on how to stoke conspiracy; he’s trying to survive the week.

No holds barred. He’s in the sewer.

We’ve had MPs attacked and killed by the hate that has been stoked up but he doesn’t care. He’s stoking more!

Deflect from his own law breaking, lies and incompetence by trying to link Starmer with Saville. Brand him as a paedophile traitor. Who cares about the effects? Who cares about division? Rouse the mob! Drown the truth with conspiracy! To hell with democracy, truth or rules! This is all about power and profiteering!!

His enemies are plotting.

It just depends on two things: how many enemies will stab him in the back and if there are enough Tories left with a shred of honour.

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