Poetry – To my Ears

To my ears

Looking back it just makes me smile.

It started with Buddy Who knew Peggy Sue.

Apache came out of the shadows while

Don, Phil and Elvis stormed on through.

Lonnie and Carl were putting on the style

Then Gene, Eddie and Richard were so bop a lu.

Filled my life with a smile

Chuck and Bo, Jimmy and Elmore too

But the authorities they did decide

To pull the plug

And the music died.

Then beetling in from Britain

With their rattling Liverpool crew,

The whole world was smitten

As hair just grew and grew.

Animal kinks and Sect were fitting

And stones rolled to make things blue.

Pretty things were written,

Dylan’s poems and the pot blew

The yard was full of birds sitting

Then the byrds got up and flew.

Small faces peered unbitten

And everyone wondered who?

Roy and the captain opened doors

As Jefferson flew right through

Jimi and Cream settled scores

To make love a strange brew

Heavy traffic and floyds tours

Said yes mac to much ado

With a clash of pistols from the stores

Stiff fingers turned the screw.

White stripes and Len’s spores

I knew it would have to do!

Opher – 2.1.2020

I couldn’t fit them all in and I’m sure it doesn’t scan right. But I guess it’s good enough for Rock ‘n’ Roll. I bet I got a few past you though.

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